Mai 2015


… and don’t forget to play!

I hate getting dirty. I hate it when my hair is messy. I hate drawing outside the lines. Always have. Which is the correct way to go anyway,…


inside the beehive

Maybe my mind is a beehive, my thoughts are thousands of busy bees and my job is to stay queen and not let the madness take over.  


about letting go – food for thought

Lately, I’ve been both super lethargic and extremely restless at the same time, and I’ve been feeling totally out of touch with who I am (not that I’ve…

depression + self care 1

depression & self care

WARNING! I’m not a therapist, so all of the following advice is just a collection of ideas. Nothing more, nothing less. Try at your own risk. Since no…

Photo © Hannah S. Pilz

upside down

„and suddenly life turns you upside down, and you find out that this is the right way“ – anonymous then again: what if life turns you upside down…

30 day challenge – day 14-19

Here’s part 1 and part 2 of the challenge if you missed it. Not really any great new insight into what might or might not be working with…