30 day challenge – meditation: my favorite guided meditations

It’s day 11 of my 30 days of meditation challenge, and I’m still on it.
I’ve been experimenting with different sitting positions. Sadly I have not found a position in the aerial yoga hammock yet that I really like for meditating, so for now I’m just sitting cross legged on my meditation seat aka a yoga block and a thick blanket so that my knees are not coming higher up than my hips.
As for the meditation itself, I have some go to guided meditations/meditation podcasts that I would like to introduce you to:

1) Every other day, I’m still using the meditation from the Lululemon blog that I already posted HERE

2) Terry Cole’s Meditation Integration

This was a free series of guided meditations when it was first published – it’s not free anymore, but in my opinion the 20 $ are well worth it. And there are sample tracks on the website that you can listen to to see if you like it before buying the whole program.
My favorites are
Day 16 – Desire
Day 17 – Expand and
Day 19 – Love.

3) The Hay House Meditation Podcast

Two episodes I absolutely adore are
Brian Weiss – Mirrors of Time Meditation and
James Van Praagh – Golden Light Guided Meditation


Many of these guided meditations have the additional benefit of exercising your visualization skills. Still, at some point I hope I will be able to meditate without relying on some audio file… but, baby steps!

If you listened to any of the meditations mentioned above, which one did you like best? Or do you have some favorites of your own that you want me to check out?


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  1. Wow das ist ja echt interessant! Toll, dass du das so durchziehst! :)
    ich glaub ich könnte das nicht.

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

  2. Ich hab jetzt selbst noch keine Erfahrungen mit Meditation gemacht, aber es interessiert mich schon, ich werde mich gleich mal durch die Methoden klicken =)

  3. Leider habe ich auch persönlich keine Erfahrungen mit Meditation gemacht. Finde es aber total interessant und ich glaube auch absolut, das man mental so viel steuern kann. Super, dass du deine Weg damit gefunden hast.
    Viel Erfolg weiterhin,


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