The first draft of this blog post consisted mostly of me whining about a complete lack of focus and all kinds of other stuff that keep me from working towards my goals… and then I stopped writing. And decided to meditate to shift my focus. And remembered a post on the Lululemon blog from a couple of days ago that had a meditation podcast in it. And just went for it. Because 11 minutes sounded like a totally doable time frame.



And what can I say? I feel better. And I don’t wanna ramble about my lack of focus anymore. (And that’s a lot of „and“ in this post…)
I think it’s time to start the meditation challenge I’ve been thinking about. Since my first 30 day challenge worked out so well I actually do hope that this time, I will actually stick to a meditation practice and not drop it after a couple of weeks…
So… who wants to join the challenge? The goal is to meditate every day for the next 30 days; how long or short you meditate, if you just focus on your breathing or if you want to use a podcast or guided meditation and which time of the day you do it is up to you.