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By now, we all (should) know about the connection between our bodies and our minds.  Each one influences the other. So, how can your mind be totally relaxed if your body is not in balance, for example because you carry your bag on the same side every single day?
(Who else feels pretty guilty right now? The other day, my physiotherapist told me that the muscles on the left side of my back are much more pronounced than those on the right… guess where I’m carrying my bag most of the time!)

So. In my search of ways to balance my body a little more each day, I decided to swap my beloved xxl shoulder bags for a backpack. At least part of the time.
Up until now, I’m pretty sure I won’t find one I like though. The last time I actually wore a backpack was a screaming yellow and green one from Burton back in my snowboarding years.
I wish finding a great backpack was as easy as it is with bags – I fall in love with a different bag every other week. But backpacks… that’s a different story. Anyway. I’m going to at least try to find one and make my back a little happier.

After days of scanning every single one of my favorite online stores, here are five backpacks I could actually imagine becoming friends with. Maybe.
What I was looking for:
It should have a (padded) compartment for a laptop/iPad,
offer enough space for workout gear, my aerial yoga hammock and all those everyday essentials of course. Some kind of strapping system for my yoga mat would definitely be a plus.
And of course it has to look good! Neither do I want to look like a hipster, nor like I’m about to go on a hike. I’m all for an active and mindful lifestyle, but I also like my daily dose of style!


FORVERT New Louis_ueber frontlineshop.com_280367007_59,95 Euro KopieForvert New Louis (navymottled)
I like: The skateboard/snowboard straps could also hold my yoga mat, and there’s definitely enough space in it for all my stuff. So a yes for function.
But: An „I’m not a skater girl“ for the look.





Kickin It Backpack (slate)Lululemon Kickin‘ It Backpack (slate)
I like: The grey and black color blocking and the fabric has something going for it that has captured my eye. It has multiple internal pockets, including a wet/dry pocket, and an extra compartment for my laptop. And all the awesome little details I love about Lululemon products.
But: It’s definitely to most stylish backpack within my selection, I just wish it looked a little less… uhm, angular?


HERSCHEL Little America Mid Volume_ueber frontlineshop.com_317861002_99,95 EuroHerschel Little America Mid Volume (grey-tan)
I like: Sleek and simple style, laptop compartment, waterproof fabric.
But: I can’t really decide whether it looks clean and stylish or old-school and hipster-ish.





EASTPAK Bust_ueber frontlineshop.com_326039001_99,95 EuroEastpak Bust (merge-black)
I like: Laptop compartment, lots and lots of space. A color that goes with pretty much everything.
But: There’s nothing special about this one, nothing that particularly excites me.





MILLICAN Smith The Roll Pack 25L_ueber frontlineshop.com_414000001_139,95 EuroMillican Smith The Roll Pack 25L (slate)
I like: The overall style, especially the roll-top opening. And a laptop compartment with external access.
But: I really don’t like the style of the buckles and the fabric… both scream „old school hiking backpack“ in my opinion. Give me this one in some stylish futuristic black fabric and with a different kind of buckles, and we could have a winner.


The hardest part in choosing a favorite is that with most backpacks, I like EITHER the shape, OR the details, OR the fabric. Why can’t there be one that has it all?

I haven’t really made up my mind yet, but I’m leaning towards either the New Louis or the Kickin‘ It. If there was a hybrid between those two and the Smith The Roll Pack – that would totally be the one.
A bit more from the shape of the new Louis and or the Smith The Roll Pack, plus the straps to hold my yoga mat, but all the details and the black/grey color combination and the materials from the Lululemon Backpack.
Since this combination only exists in my dreams, I’ll have to decide between the two I guess… and until I make my final choice, I’m trying to remind myself of alternating the shoulder on which I carry my bag…
Which one of the above would you pick? Or do you even have another backpack you want to recommend?


(Side note: This is not a sponsored post in any way, it’s just that from all the online shops I wrote to asking whether I could use their product images, the guys at frontlineshop and Lululemon were the only ones I got a positive reply from.)

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  1. hey,
    da sind ja coole Rucksäcke dabei! Ich stehe momentan total auf solche Taschen :-)

    Schnapp dir eine und auf nach Hamburg ;-)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Der 3. ist super!
    Habe leider keinen. Ich schleppe lieber Taschen :D

    Lieb Grüße

  3. Das sind ja coole Rucksäcke. Der letzte Rucksack gefällt mir richtig gut.
    Ich könnte auch mal wieder einen neuen gebrauchen.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Lotta

    Schöner Blog- und schöne Rucksäcke ;) Mag die von Herschel sehr gern!

  5. The Lululemon one is gorgeous! I also really like the Hershel one. How much are these?
    Take care x
    Lynn |

    • melanie

      hey hey :) the Lululemon backpack is 138 € and the Hershel one is 99,95 € :)

  6. Der zweite Rucksack gefällt mir richtig gut :)
    Liebst, Mona von Belle Mélange

  7. Über Rucksäcke mache ich mir irgendwie nie richtig Gedanken. Ich habe einfach den Eastpack, den ich schon seit Jahren habe :o

  8. I like the 3rd one. I also swapped over to a rucksack last year. I have a scoliosis (towards the right) and issues with my right shoulder….guess what shoulder I tend to carry handbags on?! I just have a plain black Deuter rucksack. Boring but it does the job.

    I love pretty handbags but I really notice how they make my shoulder and back feel worse when I carry heavy stuff around in them – which I tend to do (I can’t travel light!)

    I gave up wearing heels a year ago too. When I wore a pair of low wedges a few weeks back, I really felt how they threw my posture out of line. My back hurt and I just felt off-balance. I’m happier in my flats :-)

    • melanie

      haha I totally understand – I will never learn to travel light either.
      heels… that’s another thing to think about. I used to wear heels only occasionally, but when I’m at the office I can’t wear sneakers or biker boots, and I really don’t like ballerina flats, so there’s not much left to choose from. but since it’s just for a couple of hours on maybe two days a week I’m not worrying about it too much.

  9. I’m lucky in that I can wear whatever I want to the office :-) Since I like to work standing up for a good part of the day (I have a desk that I can raise up and down, and I find that standing is better for my back), I tryto wear shoes that won’t negatively affect my posture (my current favourites are ballerinas from VivoBarefoot).

    I think what’s important is what you do most of the time. If it’s only a few hours a week, then it probably doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. It’s so easy to overthink these things!

  10. Ach, ich mag deinen Blog einfach. Folge dir auch sofort mal.

    • melanie

      oooh danke dir, das freut mich ganz arg!

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