be your own definition of beauty

I don’t have the looks of a supermodel.
My skin reacts to every bad food choice.
My nose is too big
and my boobs are, too.
My teeth are not perfect.
Skinny jeans that are a nice fit for my butt are too tight for my bulky calves.
I suffer from „resting bitch face“.
I can appreciate the days when my skin does not break out because of the glass of wine the night before.
Sometimes, i can actually accept a compliment and simply say „thank you“.
I throw out clothes that don’t make me feel like a rockstar when I wear them.
I manage more and more to not care about what others might think about my style/outfit choices.
Instead of beating myself up in my head when I don’t like my reflection in the mirror, I remind myself to try and smile more.

… aaaand at this point, as in, half way through writing this post, my mind goes all fuzzy and confused. I know this tends to happen whenever I try to really feel myself – I’m not used to just sitting with myself and accepting or even loving what is, so I get overwhelmed and where there were inspiring thoughts a minute ago my negative self talk is now all over the place again.
but I guess that’s okay. This is all a work in progress. Maybe I’ll be able to list more ways in which I honor myself next week. Or next month.
The important thing is:
I am beginning to define (and become) my own concept of beautiful.
And I hope you will, too!



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  1. Tolle Fotos und schöner Text! Ich sortieren meinen Schrank auch aus, alles, worin ich mich nicht absolut umwerfend fühle, fliegt raus =)

  2. wow dein Blog ist mal was ganz anderes! Gefällt mir gut :) Liebe Grüße

  3. Schöner Blog und sehr schöne Fotos gefällt mir mal was anderes :)

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