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five minutes of freedom

Another yin yoga class – more food for thought: During a very heart opening asana, the teacher suggested that we all try and, just for a couple of…


questions (hopefully not) without answers

Where do you go when you need to remember who you are? What do you do when you feel like you’re out of touch with yourself? Do you…


questions without answers: unconditional love and non-attachment

I often wonder about the state of mind that’s supposed to be the universal goal – loving unconditionally while being totally non-attached – and how to get there….

original photographs: Stefan Bergmair; edit: miss ninja cookie

second chances

how many second chances do you give other people? people you love, people who mean something to you? you let them hurt you again and again, you forgive…

aerial yoga art by miss ninja cookie

a puzzle with too many pieces?

– you could consider this post kind of a sequel to „how much (self help) is too much“ – Have you ever felt like there are too many…


inside my head: trust vs. expectations

Lately I’ve been wondering… are expectations evil, while trust is good? Maybe it’s time to stop reading books and articles about letting go, a positive attitude, a peaceful…