inside my head: trust vs. expectations

Lately I’ve been wondering… are expectations evil, while trust is good?
Maybe it’s time to stop reading books and articles about letting go, a positive attitude, a peaceful mind… because the more I read this kind of stuff, the more confusing the whole trust/expectations thing gets for me.
So I guess this is another post for everyone who loves questions without answers ;)

In order to be able to enjoy life, you have to trust that the universe is on your side, right? Without trust, how could you ever relax?
When it comes to expectations, Shakespeare says it best: „Expectation is the root of all heartache.“
If you don’t expect anything, you can’t be disappointed. If you don’t expect a certain behaviour from another person, they can’t hurt you (or at least not as much).

So… is trust in contrary to expectation? On the other hand… isn’t trust automatically accompanied by some kind of expectation?
What’s the difference between „trusting someone“ and „expecting that someone won’t let you down“? Isn’t it the same? If it’s not – where’s the difference? How do you trust without expectations?
Like with so many things these days, I will probably not figure this out in my head. I’ll just keep trusting my aerial yoga hammock to not let me fall on my head.




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  1. Toller Text!
    Die Position sieht echt cool aus. Ich sollte das auch mal ausprobieren :-)

  2. Habe so etwas ähnliches auch schon probiert, konnte mich dafür aber nicht wirklich begeistern. :-)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. bin immer wieder begeistert von deinen übungen und positionen :)

    liebe grüße aus helsinki, lena von

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