let it flow

For years, I have been blaming a lack of energy for not achieving the things I want to achieve, for not healing, for not being able to do all the things I want to do, for not living the life I’m dreaming of.
And when my yoga teacher back then said something along the lines of „the energy is already there, it’s the releasing that is the problem!“ I did not believe her. Because how in the world could the energy be there when I couldn’t feel any of it? How could there be life force in me when all I ever felt was exhausted and drawn out and lethargic?
It took me some time to realize that my teacher was right. The keyword to understanding the idea that „the energy is already there“ is „flow“.

I don’t know much about energy healing (yet). All that I do know comes from my experience of working with a wonderful and very gifted Brennan healer, different kinds of bodywork and a couple of books.
What I’ve learned is this: What feels like a complete lack of energy is actually not the absence of energy but the fact that it’s stuck in certain places in your body and can’t flow freely. Which is why you feel like there’s no energy there at all.
And here’s what I have learned as well:
There are many ways to remove the blockages! Some of these methods may take some time. With some, you may notice a difference immediately. With some, you have to make a decision to invest some money in yourself (I’m talking about all kinds of bodywork and massages; right now my budget only allows for one session per month but I’m definitely planning on increasing that number).
There are also things you can try out for yourself… all kinds of meditation, workouts and of course, yoga. I have a couple of aerial yoga moves that help me tremendously, but I’m well aware that not everybody has the luxury of an aerial hammock in their living room. And even though aerial yoga is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, I also know it might not be for everyone. It may take some time until you find out what works best for you. The effort you put into the search is worth it though.

To get you started on your journey to getting that energy flowing, I’ve compiled a short list of links and resources:

When you don’t know how to pick yourself up off the floor because your energy is too low for anything:
Barrie Davenport – How to Increase Your Energy (also in the resources section of this blog)

Meditations and yoga routines:

Art Flying Yoga Studio – Aerial Yoga Flow

Rachel Brathen – Yoga to Wake Up Your Body

Gabrielle Bernstein – Meditation for Increased Energy

a whole book full of ideas and exercises – I can’t recommend this one enough:
Amy Weintraub – Yoga for Depression

Amy Weintraub – LifeForce Yoga Practice for Depression and Lethargy

Now all I need to do is follow my own advice I guess. That’s the hardest part. Doing a little research and talking about my own experience is easy. But walking the talk, even when you know the positive impact it can have on your life, is a whole different story.




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  1. Deine Verrenkungen möchte ich auch gerne können :D Ich versuche mich auch seit ein paar Wochen schon mit Yoga, finde jedoch nicht immer die Zeit dazu :(

    Liebe Grüße vom Blog http://www.fly-birds.blogspot.de

  2. Wow, tolle Bilder :)
    Lieben Gruß

  3. Es ist wirklich schön, dass dir Yoga dabei geholfen hat und du nicht aufgegeben hast! Ich habe es ab und zu versucht und bin dann zum entschluss gekommen, dass es doch nichts für mich ist. ich mache viel lieber kraftsport :)

  4. ja, in der tat gibt es mittel und wege blockaden zu lösen. bei dir ist es das yoga, bei mir sport. schwimmen, joggen … egal. alle probleme lösen sich dabei in luft aus, es ist nur wichtig was der moment bringt. und danach ist man erschöpft und fühlt sich glücklich und frei.


  5. nici


    Schöne Bilder und beim hinschauen tut einem alles weh ^^
    Für mich ist Yoga nix..


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