lovely leg(ging)s – the sequel

Do you know these phases of hardcore inspiration that keep you up all night because you’re too excited to work on a certain thing to just pause and get some sleep? Because, who knows, the inspiration might be gone tomorrow?
Well. I have not had one of these phases in a loooong time. But when I began doing my own designs for leggings on Society6 a couple of weeks ago, the ideas just never stopped coming, and it’s the most fun I’ve had in designing stuff that I can remember. Here’s what I created since the last post:


I’m still hesitating to actually order a pair of them to check the quality (the best design is worthless if the thing is totally see-through, or comes apart after just a couple of yoga classes – or whatever you wanna wear them to) because of the shipping costs (Society6 is in the US).
So while I wait for another one of their „free shipping worldwide“ offers (which come around every now and then) I started looking for more options. And since my dream combination would be my own print design on a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Pants (they’re actually quite expensive, but the quality and the attention to detail kind of make up for that) I submitted the idea of maybe „hosting a design contest or some other way to let customers contribute their own designs“ to Lululemon’s very own feedback platform

And guess what – they liked the idea so much that they picked it as their idea of the week! And because of that, I was even presented with a generous gift card. Yay! Now that’s what I call „loving your customers“.
From the balance on the gift card I ordered a fantastic sports bra that has already arrived – look out for a full test report in an upcoming post!


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  1. i hate it when the knees are bulging. that’s so annoying and looks horrible. whatever, i love your designs and i think that bra is really nice!

    • melanie

      eww ja ausgebeulte knie sind ganz schlimm, da geb ich dir recht!

  2. Franziska

    tolle Sachen gefallen mir richtig gut :)

  3. der BH sieht ja ganz gut aus :)
    inwieweit ist der denn gepolstert?:)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Mella Sophie

    • melanie

      der ist (zum glück – mich stört das eher) gar nicht gepolstert – viele von den lululemon-bhs haben aber herausnehmbare polster :)

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