Having suffered from clinical depression since early teenage years, I know what this illness can do to your life. It ruins relationships, takes away your love for life and for yourself, your will to live, your hopes and dreams, and sends you into the darkest and scariest downward spirals, among other things. Nobody should have to suffer like that; the more tools and ways of treatment there are for those who do, the better. There are conventional ways of treating depression, like psychotherapy and medication, and those are definitely helpful and also necessary in order to analyze, understand and change your behavior and thinking patterns. In addition to those methods, different kinds of bodywork have become some of my most powerful weapons, thanks to amazing and inspiring teachers, healers and therapists (if anyone in the Munich area needs a recommendation, I’d be happy to drop some names, just leave me a message). Yoga, aerial yoga and osteopathy all have influenced my overall mood and the way I feel about myself and about life; they give me energy and make me want to grow and get better.
That is why I am now going back to school to become an osteopath.

Besides that, I have started to use myself as a guinea pig to experiment with one of the most powerful (and definitely the most fun!!!) tools I have come across in my battle against depression – the aerial yoga hammock.
The moment I tried aerial yoga for the first time (about two years ago), I was immediately in love with the effect it had on my body and especially on my psyche. It is these moments full of hope and energy that I want to share with as many people as possible, because when you’re depressed, you don’t think you will never be able to feel hopeful or euphoric again, but the truth is: you can!

This blog is supposed to become my platform for sharing my experience and any knowledge I gain that I find worth sharing, and in doing so, inspiring those affected by the disease to not only turn to conservative ways of therapy, but also to seek release in various kinds of yoga and bodywork. If i can inspire one person to keep going, to try new stuff, to not give up today, to hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel… then this blog is a success!
And I also hope writing about all this stuff helps me keep myself accountable to keep going with my aerial yoga experiments, because even though I know very well that it helps me heal, I’m not as consistent in practicing as I wish I was.