questions without answers: unconditional love and non-attachment

I often wonder about the state of mind that’s supposed to be the universal goal – loving unconditionally while being totally non-attached – and how to get there.
But my mind seems too small to even grasp that concept.

If you love someone, or something – how could you ever not be attached? Isn’t love always somehow intertwined with certain expectations? Or can a love that comes with expectations never be unconditional?
It’s in the word itself… un-conditional – without condition. But does unconditional love then also mean that you’ve decided to be okay with being let down/disappointed by the person you love? What about taking care of yourself? How can you be above being hurt over and over and still love? How can you not let that make you feel small and inferior and unworthy?
Maybe I have to rephrase my question to this: „Is unconditional love humanly possible?“
Or: „Can you love yourself and others unconditionally at the same time?“
If someone means someting to you they have the power to hurt you, to cause you pain, maybe even to destroy you. But doesn’t unconditional love include loving yourself as well? Does „loving yourself unconditionally“ mean that everything else (regarding relationships) will fall into place as a natural outcome and you will simply not get hurt? Does loving yourself simply mean that you are able to let go of things that hurt you?
Again and again, „letting go  “ seems to be the key element. Because letting go doesn’t mean you stop loving something, or someone. I’m not sure how much time and effort and yoga and meditation and mindfulness practice I have left to do to get to that point. Probably too much for one life. But if I don’t want to let this world make me lost and bitter in the end, I guess I have no choice but to try and work towards it…



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  1. Difficult question u are trying to answer :)) I could never do so much yoga to finally answer the question. However, I know I love my nephew uncondionly but he however is still a kid. That’s all I know :))

  2. Also erstmal finde ich dieses Yoga ganz ganz toll, Wow das muss richtig anstrengend sein. Da braucht man sicher viel training für soviel Körperspannung :)

    Aber nun mal zum Text. Er ist einfach mal wieder wundervoll und regt richtig zum Andenken an.
    Ich muss wirklich sagen, dass seid ich in meiner Therapie lerne mich selber mehr zu lieben, nicht weniger verletzt werde. ABER ich komme besser damit klar. Ich kann besser einen Schlussstrich ziehen und suche den Fehler nicht immer bei mir :)

    Grüßchen Anni

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