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After last week’s visit to the yoga lifestyle/fashion world (which I will definitely repeat soon – I have so many more ideas for designs for leggings) I’m going to return to a more serious topic today.

I have started putting together all of my favorite tipps, tools and resources that are in some way related to depression, aerial yoga, bodywork etc. in a new section called resources (the link is also in the main navigation on the left), and I hope they will provide useful information for both those suffering from depression as well as their friends and family members.
Right now, it’s a mix of not yet perfectly organized links I have collected over the years covering all sorts of different aspects of the topics mentioned above; I will add more over time, focusing especially on my favorite topic of how (aerial) yoga and bodywork can help with depression.

Please leave a comment or message me if you know a website that you think needs to be part of this list, and please also let me know if you are are missing some specific piece of information and I will try and find relevant links.

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  1. This is one I like about using exercise/movement to combat depression:

    • melanie

      oh that looks like an awesome website – I added it to the list :)

  2. Franziska

    toller Post :) Mag deinen schreibstil :)

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