roundup – may 2016

Is it really the end of May already? Because for one thing, it does NOT look like spring – let alone like summer – outside. And for another thing, how is almost half of 2016 already gone? How did that happen so fast?

Anyway, continuing my monthly review series, here’s some fun facts about my personal month of May 2016 (also, I’m fully aware and kind of shocked about the fact that this is only my second blog post this month. I really don’t know what happened. My head is such a mess right now).

Favorite songs:
Dotan – Home
– Dotan – Home II
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
RY X – Hold Me Love
Joy Williams – Before I Sleep

Amount of time spent in the aerial hammock:
20 to 30 min every damn day, plus about 5 hours of classes I took, adding up to about 20 hours

Km run:

Yoga classes taken:
5 (one more than last month, but still lots of room for improvement)

Books I finished reading:
The Rewind Files – Claire Willett (what a fantastic book!!!)

Books I started reading:
Radical Self-Love – Gala Darling
Milan Kundera – Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins

Obsessing about:
– Tumblr (LOL I know I am SO late with that). Took me until now to figure out that it’s full of the most amazing fanfic & fanart
– The 100 season 3 finale (I have probably watched it more than 10 times already)
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– my new all black snap hooks

Anything else that’s worth mentioning:
– taught my first aerial yoga deep & slow class in almost 1,5 years and it was kind of awesome

Now let me know… what were your highs (and lows) of this past month?

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  1. Ich liebe deinen Blog.
    Deine Bilder motivieren mich immer dazu auch wieder mehr zu machen ;)


  2. nici

    Tolle Bilder. Mir würde ja Kopfüber einfach nur schlecht werden ;)
    Ich liebe deinen Blog und bin immer so Fasziniert.
    Die Songs kenne ich nicht. Zumindest sagt mir jetzt keines von ihnen. Werde ich gleich mal googlen …


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