you can’t outrun depression. plus: my essentials for when I try anyway.

When both your genius general practicioner and your osteopath suggest that you should consider picking up running (again), it proooobably makes sense to follow their advice.
So for a couple of weeks now I’ve been trying to get the hang of it and slowly improve conditioning. Up until now it’s still a mix of running and walking, and I’m actually surprised that it’s not stressing me out that I’m not able to run all the way (yet). Years ago, when I last tried to make running a habit, I would force myself to run all the way. A very slow kind of running, but I would not allow myself to take walking breaks.
I’m totally chill about that now. When I feel like it’s time to take it slower, like I need to recover a little, I walk. And I don’t wait until I’m totally out of breath either. When I feel better, I pick up the pace and run. Simple as that. So far, it feels pretty good.
Since my muscles tend to get tight quickly, I have to make sure I take enough time to stretch and massage my legs after each and every run.

Here are some of my personal running essentials:

outrunningdepression_missninjacookie_02 Kopie

1 – Nike Free: Not really for beginner level runners, at least that’s what I’ve been told (and it makes sense, you probably DO want to build the right kind of muscles in your feet first), but they’ve actually been the only running shoes ever that haven’t given me blisters along the arch of my foot. Plus they’re pink.
2 – Trigger Roll The Grid: Awesome massage tool. Like a black roll, only better. My legs LOVE this thing when they’re sore after a run (even though using it can be quite painful)! Plus it’s pink :D
3 – Lululemon water bottle: Waiting right by the door for me when I return. Aaaaand yes. This one, too, is pink.
4 – Lululemon sweat cuffs: With a zipper pocket for keys.
5 – Nike+ running app: Does at pretty good job at keeping me motivated. Even though it’s not pink.

Actually, the whole running thing doesn’t really make sense… I have never really been a runner, or a cardio workout kind of person, but right now this (and my morning aerial yoga session of course!) is the only thing I can get myself to doing.
Even though I really do miss „regular“ yoga, and dance as well. But I just can’t bring myself to go and take a class. So for now… I run. And I guess I should be grateful for the fact that I am able to get myself to at least do this. It could always be worse. I might as well be back at that point where I’m just lying in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to move, with no energy to do anything whatsoever. So at least I can bring myself to run every other day. That’s something. Right?

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  1. Toller Post! Ich muss auch öfter joggen gehen, ich lass das echt zu sehr schleifen. Aber die Nike App benutze ich auch und find sie super!
    Schicke Schuhe übrigens! Die Farbe ist klasse! :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

    • melanie

      hey sarah, ich hab über kleiderkreisel ein paar mädels gefunden, die sich über die nike app zu einer challenge zusammengetan haben – auch wenn dann letztendlich natürlich doch nicht alle aktiv teilnehmen, ist das doch ein ziemlicher motivationsschub. vielleicht wär das auch was für dich :)

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