band-aids to cover the bullet wound – plus free wallpaper

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? To mark the occasion, I created a handful of designs… „band-aids to cover the bullet wound“. Please take…


lost in space & print on demand

I don’t really care about following trends, in pretty much any area of life. I try to take what I love and leave the rest. So it might…


coming full circle?

Hello my little blog project, I know it’s been a while… It is time to take this thing into a new direction. There will still be aerial yoga…


art post 05 – „100 days of drawing abby“

All through my childhood and teenage years, drawing was my way of expressing myself (until dance came along, which became just as important). And then I got into…


meditation – expectation vs reality

Well… hello again. I know it’s been months since my last post. And the reason for that hasn’t been a lack of ideas – I have tons of…


roundup – june 2016

Well. I’m trying REALLY hard not to feel guilty about the fact that, from the outside, my blog may seem almost ruthlessly neglected these days. Which it isn’t….


art post 04 – strictly aerial

My mind does not seem to be in the mood to form coherent sentences, let alone a whole blog post; at the same time, my creative side is…


roundup – may 2016

Is it really the end of May already? Because for one thing, it does NOT look like spring – let alone like summer – outside. And for another…


not my circus, not my monkeys

„Not my circus, not my monkeys“ – an old polish proverb that basically means „not my problem“ / „fuck that shit“ I’m repeating this saying like a mantra…