fictional drama and emotional well-being

I have the tendency to get obsessed with tv shows. My first love back in the nineties were The X Files, and after a couple of quick affairs with J.A.G., New Girl, The Blacklist, SatC, Gossip Girl, Modern Family and pretty much every existing dance related show, these days I’m completely addicted to  Grey’s Anatomy and The 100.
And sometimes I ask myself… what is it that a tv show can give you that makes it so irresistible? What is the void it seems to fill? Why can fictional drama be so addictive? And… does that have a positive or a negative impact on my life, on my emotional well-being?
My answer: it can be both!

And here’s why:
1) Your favorite tv show (the same goes for movies or book series and every other kind of fictional drama) may very well help you grow artistically. Because you might be inspired to create some kind of fan art, in whatever medium or technique you prefer. And with every creation, you’ll learn something and improve.
2) Ask yourself: Why am I so fascinated by certain characters from that show? What are their qualities? Is there something I can learn from them? Some way you can use them as a motivation?
(Here’s a very simple example: „Meredith Grey didn’t meet McDreamy and become head of general surgery by not studying“).
3) Also, tv shows can serve as a very effective emotional outlet.
Ever had a lump in your throat all day and desperately wished you could finally release all these emotions but somehow the tears just wouldn’t come? There’s a Grey’s Anatomy episode for that. Or the last Harry Potter movie. Here’s a box of tissues. You can thank me later.
4) I know there are people who tell you to stay away from fictional drama when you’re depressed, but I disagree. Being depressed means your emotions are muffled, you literally can’t feel. And sometimes, a couple of episodes of your favorite show might actually give you the feels. Ship a pairing? Awesome, immerse yourself in all the ups and downs of their relationship… all that seemingly stupid „fangirl stuff“. For me, „the 100“ has been doing an incredible job these last few months.
5) And yes, sometimes watching tv shows might just be a rather desperate coping mechanism, a strategy to silence your chaotic mind or run away from certain issues that you will eventually have to face, just… not today. There is an element of running away, of trying to escape to a fantasy world, but I wouldn’t say that that’s a bad thing. Not all the time at least.
6) I also have to admit that binge watching (or simply rewatching a particular episode) is certainly not what my doctor meant when he told me to include some personal highlights in my everyday schedule. But some days, it’s all I can manage. Some days, it’s the only highlight that doesn’t feel like too much effort to even plan it.

And yes, maybe this whole post is just me trying to justify the longing to binge watch all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Or read every Kabby story has to offer.

How about you guys? Any tv show or other kind of fictional drama you cannot imagine your life without right now? And what does that do to your life?


(side note: if you don’t watch „The 100“, the title image might not make any sense for you. It’s kind of a mash up of the show’s aesthetic and aerial yoga.)

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  1. Okay, mein Englisch ist grottig aber ich werde es trotzdem mal versuchen :D
    Ich bin auch ein absoluter Serienjunkie. Vor allem American Horror Story hat es mir angetan. Allerdings könnte ich mir ein Leben ohne die Simpsons einfach nicht mehr vorstellen. Klingt zwar ein bisschen albern, aber die gelben Typen haben es mir echt angetan. Ich kenne fast jede Folge auswendig :D
    Liebst, Katja

  2. Ich kenne das, meine Lieblingsserie könnte ich mir immer wieder angucken. So habe ich ‚bones‘ ganze elf mal geguckt, zu mindest die bis Staffel 6, die anderen kamen dann erst dazu.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. nici


    Schade das du nicht auf Deutsch schreibst. Dann wäre es für viele so einfach zu lesen ^^. Aber ich finden deinen Text sehr schön geschrieben und macht mich etwas nachdenklich.

    So ein richtiger Serien schauer bin ich gar nicht. Es kommt ja immoment die Serie Zoo, die mich irgendwie mitreist aber ansonsten, gibt es da keine Serie. Ich schau dann doch lieber mal ein paar Filmchen an, auch wenn das selten vorkommt. Irgendwie komme ich gar nicht zum Fernsehn schauen und haben mir ewig keine DVDs mehr gekauft.

    liebe grüße

  4. Ich finde den Text auch schön geschrieben. Wäre aber wirklich einfacher in Deutsch.
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von beautifulfairy

  5. I love some series too … And I totally understand the love for them. Though I’m a real crime and mystery fan, not drama …

  6. Ich habe auch mehrere Lieblingsserien die ich mir immer wieder anschauen könnte.. das ist einfach eine Sucht. :D

    Ich find die Grafik übrigens richtig toll!

    Alles Liebe,

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