my favorite… instagram accounts!

Today I would love to share some of my very favorite instagram accounts with you, hoping that you might find some new inspiration, someone new to follow, something that brings a smile to your face.
While some of them are totally not insider tips anymore, others are just my maybe not so very well known personal „go-to accounts“ for daily inspiration.

Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl
well… who doesn’t know Yoga Girl. A bubbly swedish Yogini living in Aruba, traveling the world and inspiring with her beautiful yoga shots, her love for dogs and her honest, no bulls*** words of personal wisdom

Belle Mélange
not just another fashion blog. Instead, these two girls mix atmospheric fashion images with all kinds of stuff that just makes you feel pure joy of life

Christine O’Donnell
wonderful aerial yoga and yoga pictures and videos that have inspired me to GET MOVING in this very moment more than once

Megan, a med student, and her incredibly cute golden retriever Colt. Look out for the tongue out tuesday and wet nose wednesday pictures, and for Colt balancing things including glasses of wine and pieces of fruit on his head!

Kama Fitness
This girl has a really fun personality and tons of awesome aerial silk and aerial yoga pictures and videos

Rachel Neville Photography
NYC based photographer who focuses on dance, yoga, pilates and other kinds of aesthetic forms of movement. Some of the most beautiful dance photography I have ever seen!

Robert Sturman
THE yoga photographer. His work is all over social media and is featured in all kinds of yoga magazines (mostly in the US)

Yoga Medicine
Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank is an educational community dedicated to bringing advanced anatomy and physiology training to yoga teachers

Yotam Rein
Yotam did his AntiGravity Yoga teacher training with me in NYC last year and regularly posts images of his awesome pilates studio in israel and of his personal and very inspiring progress in all things fun workouts


If you want to share them, I’d love to read about YOUR favorite instagram accounts in the comments! Maybe I’ll discover something/someone new as well!?

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  1. Ich bin noch ein Instagram-Neuling. Werde mir mal ein paar deiner Lieblinge anschauen :)

    Gruß Ina

  2. Lotta

    Ich entdecke so gern neue Accounts, danke für die Auswahl, da schaue ich mal durch :))

  3. Vielen Dank für die Auswahl.

    Ich persönlich mag verschiedenen Accounts. Von einem reinen Beauty-Account bis hin zu einem Fotografie Acc ist alles bei mir dabei.



  4. Oh wow wie süß von dir! <3 Da gehe ich nix ahnend auf diesen Post und wollte mich etwas inspirieren lassen und dann stehen wir da auch mit in der Liste! Vielen lieben Dank! Das freut uns riesig, dass du uns so gerne folgst :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

  5. Tolle Instagram Accounts dabei, die ich noch nicht kannte!

  6. Super Post, da weiß ich ja schon, was ich heute Abend machen werde :)
    Liebst, Vanessa

  7. Ich werde mich gleich mal durch alle durchklicken :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ MS
    Sparkle & Sand

  8. Ich bin eher so der Fashion/Beauty/Reitsport Follower :D

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