my take on depression and working out

Yoga can’t…
… be understood as a shortcut to peace in your body, mind and soul.

Aerial Yoga can’t…
… transform depression into all consuming self-love.

Running can’t…
… replace a qualified psychotherapist.

Dance can’t…
… magically make all of your issues, the drama and the negative self talk disappear (in fact, sometimes it even brings all of these things out even more, but that’s a topic for a different blog post).

That doesn’t mean your favorite workout can’t be your secret weapon. Quite the opposite.

Running can…
… help you stay in the moment and get out of your head and into your body in a … matter of minutes.
… help boost your vitamin d levels.
… teach you how important consistency is (because if you don’t run every other day your fitness level will not improve).

Yoga can…
… help you become aware of the energy in your body (ever felt like energy was literally bursting out of your fingertips in warrior II? yep).
… make you more receptive to the subtle messages your body is sending you.
help you realize where your thought patterns harm you.

Aerial Yoga can…
… turn your world (and your perspective) upside down quite literally.
… make you feel safe and protected when you’re all wrapped up in the hammock.
… loosen up those tight areas in your hips, your thoracic spine, your shoulders…, areas where the body is said to store emotions.
… give you that moment of being at peace, that moment of hope that things can work out, that you have the power to change whatever needs to be changed so you can grow.

Dance can…
… leave you in an unparalleled mix of euphoria and exhaustion that makes you realize how amazing it is to be alive.
… make you realize how rewarding working hard on something can be.

No workout can replace all the mental and emotional work you have to do in order to heal from an illness like depression. But running, (aerial) yoga, dance – or whatever your favorite workout is – can give you these intense moments of feeling alive and strong and inspired – the moments you need in order to remember why it’s all worth the struggle.
The moments that remind you of the fact that you still are able to feel, that your emotions are not dead and numb and gone, that they’re a little buried beneath the fog of depression but that there are tools to dig them up.
The moments that remind you of why you can’t give up. why you don’t want to give up.
Yoga, dance, running, aerial yoga… they can help you start your healing journey from a place of hope instead of a place of despair. And that can make all the difference.

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  1. Dein Post ist super!! Tolle Fotos!
    Ich will ja immer wieder mit dem Yoga anfangen, aber neben dem Kraftsport und Arbeit geht sich das nie wirklich aus :(
    Dein Körper sieht super aus.

    LG aus Wien

    • Max

      Ein paar Übungen erkenne ich wieder. Es ist das erste Mal, dass ich Deinen Blog lese. Toll geschrieben, tolle Fotos, tolle Frau!

  2. Nina

    ziemlich toller Post und super Bilder!

  3. Das sieht… zumindest interessant aus! Hoffe dir tut nichts weh davon :D

  4. Die Bilder sehen richtig toll aus.
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von beautifulfairy

  5. Super wichtiger und Motivierender Post! Ich sollte mal wieder zum Sport gehen…

  6. Sehr cooler Text und schön, dass du dich auch so ernsten Themen widmest. :)

  7. Dein Text ist wunderbar und auch die Bilder sind wirklich inspirierend. Besonders Aerial Yoga erscheint mir sehr spannend.
    Liebe Grüße, Mona

  8. Ein sehr schöner Post! Wie lange machst du schon Yoga?

    Liebe Grüße vom Blog

    • melanie

      hallo natascha :)
      mh… yoga mach ich mit unterbrechungen seit 2007, aerial yoga seit 2013.
      alles liebe!

  9. ich liebe tanz. das hat mich auch aus schwierigen zeiten befreit. und deine bilder sind wunderschön.


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