second chances

how many second chances do you give other people?
people you love, people who mean something to you?
you let them hurt you again and again, you forgive them over and over again, you let them try… just one more time.
how many second chances do you give yourself?
how often are you getting frustrated or even angry with yourself because you can’t accomplish something the first time you try.
how negative does your self talk get whenever you don’t meet your own expectations, can’t rise to your own standards, satisfy your perfectionism?
how often do you lie awake at night, agonizing over something that went wrong that day, not being able to forgive yourself for what you think you did wrong, instead of telling yourself that you did your best and that you can try again tomorrow.
be as gentle and patient with yourself as you would be if it was your best friend whom you’re encouraging to try again when something didn’t work out quite the way they wanted it to.
instead of beating yourself up, try cheering yourself on!
you deserve all the second chances in the world.

title image:
photographer – Stefan Bergmair
mixed media edit – miss ninja cookie

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  1. Sehr sehr schön!

  2. Wundervoller Text und die Bilder sind auch sehr schön geworden. Vor allem sich selbst eine zweite Chance zu gönnen, nett & lieb zu sich selbst zu sein kann so schwer fallen.
    Liebe Grüße, Mona

  3. Jamiemerica

    wow sehr toller Post! Bringt einen echt zum nachdneken.


  4. Schöner Text und die Fotos sind richtig toll! Gefällt mir sehr gut! Liebe Grüße, Anja

  5. Das sind ja richtig coole Bilder!

    Liebe Grüße

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